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Liebherr launches new mobile harbour crane

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 August 20112 Comments

Liebherr has introduced a new efficient, low emission mobile harbour crane, the LHM 550, following its successful test and evaluation trials at the port of Odense in Denmark, where it is still working on routine port handling duties.  The Liebherr LHM 550 has been designed for all types of general cargo, containers and bulk commodities with its 74 metre lifting height and 150 tonne capacity.

“The mobility and outreach of the LHM 550 provides new and flexible possibilities,” said Ole Kristiansen, production manager of H J Hansen one of the leading recycling companies in Denmark. “The crane helped complete a task that would usually take 72 hours in as little as 48 hours.”

The LHM 550 incorporates a new hybrid drive system which charges by regenerating power while lowering the load. The energy accumulated is then transferred back into the system for use when hoisting. With the ability to conserve and transfer energy combined with its reduced CO2 emissions, the LHM 550 is said to be one of the most efficient energy systems currently on the market.

Liebherr’s overall aim with the new crane is to achieve more production with less fuel and see it as an essential milestone on the way to effective and efficient, low emission cargo handling.


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  • Ron Beebe said:

    nothing worse than assumptions, we all know what that does! but it looks like he was lifting over the back end. and should have been over the front for max stability… thats alot of stick for reaching out over the ass end of a truck crane, im again assuming she was blocked up and 100%level before this operation started, and i know she was equiped with proper computer safetys?? So! i would like to know what the dept of cranes and dericks found in the following investigation?? also .. soon after two men were injured in the dismantling and righting proceedure, what the hell was that??

    i remain respectfully Ron Beebe

  • Robert Collister said:

    How does the hybid drive system work exactly?

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