Astronaut Mike Mullane opens Western Conference on Safety
Thu, 17/04/14 – 10:50 | No Comment

Former NASA astronaut Mike Mullane regaled a crowd of about 860 health and safety professionals at the opening keynote session of the Western Conference on Safety in Vancouver.

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Terex launches its biggest luffer
Thu, 17/04/14 – 8:24 | No Comment

On Tuesday, Terex unveiled its largest luffing tower crane – the 1,600 tonne metre, 66 tonne maximum capacity CTL 1600-66 – at a customer event at its test facility near Fontanafredda in Italy.

CTL1600-66 1
The CTL1600-66 can lift 16 tonnes at the end of its 75 metre jib

The crane which has a maximum capacity almost 50 percent more than its previous range topper can lift 16 tonnes at the end of its 75 metre maximum jib length. Its previous largest luffer – the CTL 650F-45 – has a maximum capacity of 45 tonnes and can lift seven tonnes at its maximum 65 metre radius.

CTL1600-66  2
Terex’s dealer in the UK – Select Plant – has ordered the first two cranes

The Terex range now covers capacities from eight to 66 tonnes, jib lengths from 50 to 75 metres with jib tip capacities of 1.8 to 16 tonnes.

Terex’s dealer in the UK – Select Plant – has ordered the first two cranes – the first being the launch machine – which are thought to be heading for football stadia contracts in the Manchester and London area.

The new luffer uses a 12.5 metre square base with the electrical box on the tower access platform, above the ballast. This has two advantages – being out of the way and difficult to reach for non-authorised people, and also a better solution when used with a travelling chassis. There are also two tower platforms which aid assembly.

A new tower system – the Terex HD33 – is also used with its six metre by 3.3 metre sections, pre-assembled ladder, tower platform, and a new connection system for improved safety and speed and lifting points for vertical and horizontal positioning. Terex engineers said the tower would also be suitable for a larger luffer model up to 2,000 tonne metres should demand for such a crane exist.

CTL1600-66  6
Winches, static and movable ballast

All functions are frequency controlled for fast, precise load positioning the 150kW hoist has a maximum rope capacity of 960 metres and a speed of 185 metres a minute with 2.5 tonnes and 12 metres when lifting 66 tonnes. A 150kW hoist raises and lowers the jib taking about one minute 45 seconds to raise it fully. Tele Assistance allows all the relevant data to be checked remotely, including historical data and work hours, active alarms and alarm history. The latest EVO 15 cab incorporates monitors for jib end and counter jib cameras.

CTL1600-66  5
The 12.5 metre square base

Maximum free standing height on concrete, with this tower is 89 metres, or 87.9 metres on a fixed chassis, and 83 metres on a traveller. External and internal climbing is available to suit most requirements. A combination of fixed and mobile ballast gives the best balance when erecting and operating the crane. The amount of ballast varies with jib length – for 45 to 75 metres the mobile ballast consists of 10, 7.5 tonne blocks. For shorter jib lengths less ballast is required.

Jib lengths are increased in five metre sections from 40 to 75 metres and include LED warning lights and double platforms on the jib end. The foldable ‘A’ frame can be transported on one truck and is ready to be erected. It also includes an in-built ladder with anti-fall device, two anemometers with wind speed and direction and LED lighting.

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Potain tower cranes work on Europe’s largest mall
Tue, 15/04/14 – 7:39 | No Comment
Potain tower cranes work on Europe’s largest mall

An 11-strong fleet of Potain tower cranes is helping to build Europe’s largest shopping mall in Russia. Once completed, Avia Park will occupy an area equivalent to 65 football fields at 463,000m2.

Terex launches mobile harbour crane
Wed, 9/04/14 – 8:04 | No Comment
Terex launches mobile harbour crane

Terex Port Solutions has launched its first mobile harbour crane – the Terex Quaymate M50.

Sims Crane Opens Tampa Bay Chapter of Construction Angels
Mon, 7/04/14 – 8:11 | No Comment
Sims Crane Opens Tampa Bay Chapter of Construction Angels

Sims Crane has invited the public to the inaugural fundraiser for the Tampa Bay Chapter of Construction Angels, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps with financial support for families of construction-industry employees killed on the job.

Liebherr Telescopic Mobile Crane
Fri, 4/04/14 – 8:26 | No Comment
Liebherr Telescopic Mobile Crane

Kiel, April 2nd 2014: the number of heavy cargo and project loads being handled in Kiel using the port’s efficient port cranes or RoRo ramps is on the rise. The latest example has been what is currently the most up-to-date telescopic mobile crane to be built by the firm of Liebherr

Luffing crane jib drops on London site
Mon, 31/03/14 – 7:50 | No Comment
Luffing crane jib drops on London site

A luffing tower crane jib dropped at a site in London on Friday hitting a family home.

New Line of Fiber-Reinforced Crane Mats
Thu, 27/03/14 – 7:48 | No Comment
New Line of Fiber-Reinforced Crane Mats

A new line of fiber-reinforced polymer crane mats for high-capacity cranes. Large, high-capacity cranes require large load distributing footprints on a variety of soil conditions, including low soil-bearing pressures, and the FiberMax crane mats product line were designed to meet the requirements of these cranes.

Maeda Unveils Mini-Crane with Articulating Boom
Wed, 26/03/14 – 7:48 | No Comment
Maeda Unveils Mini-Crane with Articulating Boom

One of the new and updated mini-cranes that Maeda USA, Houston, Texas, unveiled during the recent ConExpo trade show was the MK1033, a mini-crane equipped with an articulating knuckle-boom.

Bluestem Introduces Industrial Rigging Telehandler
Tue, 25/03/14 – 8:33 | No Comment
Bluestem Introduces Industrial Rigging Telehandler

Bluestem Machine Works has introduced the Precision Rigger PR40, the first industrial telescopic handler designed with the needs of riggers in mind.

Liebherr’s New LTM 1160-5.2
Mon, 17/03/14 – 8:14 | No Comment
Liebherr’s New LTM 1160-5.2

Liebherr unveiled the LTM 1160-5.2, a 190-ton mobile crane on a five-axle chassis. Compared to its predecessor, the LTM 1160-5.1, the LTM 1160-5.2 has a 20-25% increase in load capacity even though it uses the same 203-ft. telescopic boom.

Counterfeit CraneSafe stickers spotted
Thu, 13/03/14 – 7:53 | No Comment
Counterfeit CraneSafe stickers spotted

The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) has reported the discovery of counterfeit CraneSafe Green stickers on three cranes in Australia over the past two weeks.