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4th Annual Great Crane Photo Contest

CraneBlogger is starting up its 2013 annual great crane photo contest, this is where you can submit your photos of the coolest tower crane, coolest mobile crane and wildest crane project. Photos will be accepted until August 16, 2013, email your photos to [email protected]

Last year’s Great Crane Photo Contest, which began in May 2012 received nearly 100 photo submissions from around the world and thousands of votes for the coolest and wildest crane photos.

Below are a few of the 2012  contest photos winners

Wildest Crane Project

2012 Photo Contest 1

2012 Photo Contest 2

Coolest Tower Crane

2012 Photo Contest 3

2012 Photo Contest 4

2012 Photo Contest 5

Coolest Mobile Crane

2012 Photo Contest 6

2012 Photo Contest 7

Submit your pictures now!

The deadline for submission is Aug 16, 2013

Coolest Tower Crane Photo


Entering is easy! Email your coolest tower crane photo to [email protected] with a 2 sentence description.

Coolest Mobile Crane Photo

Coolest Mobile Crane

Entering is easy! Email your coolest mobile crane photo to [email protected] with a 2 sentence description.

Wildest Crane Project Photo

Wildest Project

Entering is easy! Email your wildest crane project photo to [email protected] with a 2 sentence description.


1) All photos must be submitted by email to [email protected] by Aug. 16, 2013

2) You may only submit ONE picture per category and will only be eligible for one prize

3) Multiple entries will not be posted and please clearly identify which category each photo is being submitted to

4) You must have permission to submit the photo, if it is not yours


1) Voting will begin on Aug. 19, 2013 and end on Oct 11, 2013,  Verification of votes will be  from Oct 14 to Oct 18, 2013

2) Winners will be announced Oct. 21, 2013

Some of the Prizes:

– Liebherr Model Cranes

– Article in Wire Rope Exchange:

The Wire Rope Exchange is an international sales magazine circulated to 5,000 companies within the crane operations, rigging, lifting and load securement industries. Since 1984, the Exchange has not only created a marketplace amongst the distributors but also developed a ground for communication, reporting the latest industry news, product developments and events for our ever expanding field.

Our online catalog listed directly from the distributors is available at www.wireropeexchange.com. The Wire Rope Exchange is published bi-monthly.

– Article in Crane Hot Line:

Since 1997, Crane Hot Line has been the leading national marketplace for the crane industry. With a database of more than 80,000 manufacturers, dealers and contractors, Crane Hot Line is second to none as an outlet to buy and sell cranes, attachments, parts and crane services.

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