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2012 Coolest Mobile Crane Photos

Submissions are now closed. Voting is done! The winners will be announced July 6th.

1) Demag ac300 lifting pre-cast panels at Victoria park tunnel in Auckland

2) Weeks 533 a Clyde model 52 picking up a Manitowoc 4100

3) Setting up wind turbine

4) Crawler crane mounted in barge, taken  in port

5) Bragg Crane Richmond’s GMK5275

6) 175 ton picking a John Deere 225 Excavator from 200 feet below at the base of Cushman Dam No. 2 in Hoodsport, WA.

7) Huxted Tunneling LLC. 50 ton RT Crane lowering 20 foot section of pipe in to shaft near the Washington Monument

8 ) 2250 at Northern Alberta oil sands project. Wild fire burning in background summer 2011.

9) 19t service truck body being fitted to Mining dump truck chassis.

10) San Diego – The Liebherr 1400 is hoisting architectural pre-cast concrete to a new Library.

11) Lifting pipe

12) Lifting an aquarium thru a fifth story window of Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville SC

13) Lifting a wind turbine blade

14) Lifting to the roof

15) Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc. & Stampede Crane install a wildlife overpass in Golden.

16) Crane on a wind farm

17) Small and large mobile cranes

18) FortisBC crews setting power poles in Trail, British Columbia

19) Lg 1550 set up at Ruth Lake in Northern Cranes yard

20) After a $2,000,000 car went out of control during a Targa Newfoundland road rally it was pulled out of the salt water in Marystown, Newfoundland

21) Bin House Column Frame placed with a 220Ton Manitowoc in Snow Lake, Manitoba

22) Liebherr cranes shown are Sterling’s 240t and 270t providing manbasket support, and GWIL’s 500t doing the lifting

23) Two cranes being used to install/remove the towers and a third crane being used to support and transfer the energized 138,000-volt transmission line at a tower replacement project in Calgary, Alberta

24) Grove 55ton working with a Grove 7550 to off-load trucks and then fly tower crane sections up and over a 12-story building

25) UFV CEP Ph. II Project

26) Grove GMK 6350 lifting a dome off of a waste management container

27) Stampede Crane & Rigging pipeline pull

28) Mobile crane at work

29) Terex 2800 Ton erecting a flare stack on the Manifa Project in Saudi Arabia

30) What kind of crane faun? Look at the lower cab. Krupp? Look at the boom. Demag? Look at the upper cab.

31) Liebherr ltm 1400 working on changing a gear box on a wind turbine in Peetz, CO

32) Mobile cranes at work

33) A Mammoet RK 8500 with a super lift configuration was used to install 36 exterior masts and compression beams.

34) 2 mobile cranes dismantling a tower crane at Guildford Town Center.

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