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2011 Photo Contest Winners

Below are the 9 winners for the 2011 2nd Annual Great Crane Photo Contest.

Due to some suspicious voting detected by our voting system, some votes were disqualified and the vote totals were recalculated. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and look forward to your submissions again next year, so start collecting your best crane photos.

Wildest Crane Project Winners

1. Terex AC 40 City crane lift a big bell (6800 lbs) , into the window of a Matthias church’s tower. They carved the window onto the shape of the bell, only some inches of gap remained between the window and the bell.
Name: Gabor Szilagyi
Company: Mobildaru Blog
Location: Budapest, Hungary
99 votes

2. Our LTM 1400 lifted an MD 80 airliner that was donated to the Baker Aviation School in Miami, FL. The lift was preformed with 51 ft of main boom at 75 degrees and 138 ft of luffing jib. This photo was taken by Joe Pries
Name: James Robertson
Company: Allegiance Crane & Equipment
Location: Pompano Beach, FL, USA
50 votes

3. View from 350’ on a GMK 6350 overlooking Bragg Crane & Rigging yard
Name: Perry Churchill
Company: Bragg Crane & Rigging
Location: Richmond, CA, USA
21 votes

Coolest Tower Crane Winners

1. Mr. Crane erects Tower Crane in downtown LA
Name: John Anderson Sr.
Company: Mr. Crane
Location: Orange, CA, USA
154 votes

2. A Liebherr Tower Crane with the biggest job imaginable
Name: Heller Thomas
Company: Liebherr Nenzing Crane Co.
Locations: Overland Park, KS, USA
60 votes

3. If you look closely you will find 6 Tower Cranes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean while working in Bal Harbor, FL
Name: James Robertson
Company: Allegiance Crane & Equipment
Location: Pompano Beach, FL, USA
52 votes

Coolest Mobile Crane Winners

1. Mr. Crane hoists new ride at Knott Berry Farm
Name: Shawn Deitrick
Company: Mr. Crane
Location: Orange, CA, USA
451 votes

2. Ainscough Crane Hires Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 with full luffing jib ready to boom up, Look at the deflection
Name: Jack Westwood
Location: England
194 votes

3. Tadano 220G-5 performing a Manitowoc 2250 break down by Crane Service in the Trent, Texas wind farms
Name: Chris Martin
Company: Crane Service Inc.
Location: Sweetwater, TX, USA
63 votes

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