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One size outrigger mat

Submitted by on Monday, 23 January 2012No Comment

UK based outrigger mat specialist PL Crane Sales/Eco Lift has introduced a new outrigger mat for loader cranes, truck mounted lifts, spider lifts and cranes up to 7.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight.

The new ECO Lift zyPad mats are manufactured from regenerated composite material, measure 500 x 500mm square and are 50mm thick with a recess and non-slip finish as standard. The new pads are manufactured by a special casting method and have been proof tested by Sheffield University’s Department of Engineering to 25 tonnes.

PL Crane Sales has been providing composite mats for many years and is now Europe’s leading provider of mats to the crane and aerial lift market. It current range of mats available in any size and shape and customised to the user carry a lifetime guarantee, which according to the company has never been called on.

As with all high quality outrigger mats the initial purchase price is not cheap, so the company has spent the past couple of years working with its suppliers to research and design a new mat that would suit the higher volume market for smaller standard mats and be more cost effective without sacrificing durability.

The dimensions – 500mm square – were selected to cover over 95 percent of applications for equipment weighting 7.5 tonnes and under and thanks to their weight at just under 12kg and cost, avoiding the need for rental companies to carry more than one size of mat.

The zyPads are equipped with carrying handles and include a large circular recess to accommodate the foot pads of most mobile equipment. The recess also has a non-slip surface to add friction between the vehicle and the mat, particularly useful in applications where the mat might not be perfectly level.

The mats are manufactured in the United Kingdom and have been cycle tested by Sheffield University with a vertical pressure loading of 25 tonnes without failure. PLC Sales is though rating the ZyPads to 15 tonnes per pad – more than twice the possible loading of the equipment they are designed for and with a massive built in safety factor.

Eco says that other pad designs were explored and tested, including providing non-slip inserts, the production version of the ZyPad is the end result, having achieved the highest results in every test.



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