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2010 Wildest Crane Project Photo Submissions


1. 4 Crane lift in Alberta, Canada.

2. Photo shows Ground Zero in New York. Cranes shown are a Liebherr LR1400, 3 Favco Favelle MDT178, 1 Manitowoc 16000 and 1 Manitowoc 18000.

3. Crane working in Vietnam

4. The white crane is a Liebherr LR1400, the red crane with the luffing jib is a maitowoc 14000 and the other red ones are manitowoc 4100s with fixed jib


5. Taken from across the river from Louisville KY

6. Grove GMK 5160 175 Ton and Grove TM890 Picking whole house and setting onto foundation in Maine.

7. Elevator Work Platforms suspended from interlocking overhead cranes.  Atlanta GA.

8. Loading one of the largest cargo planes in the world (Antonov).

9. Harrison Crane helping inflate the failed Miami Sky-Lift.  This was to be a huge tethered balloon that would carry passengers up over the city of Miami–it literally never got off the ground.

10. An Eagle West self erecting crane on a water reservoir and water treatment plant project in West Vancouver, BC.

11. Liebherr LTM1300 Super Lift – setting 65,000 lb. Interceptor Unit. Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA

12. West Vancouver, B.C. Pacific Blasting & Demolition dismantling and removing the bridge structure, performing the panel & girder lifts is Gwil’s 500 ton crane, tight squeeze for the set-up.

13. N-Force Crane & Equipment hoisting toe whole world at Westjet head office in Calgary Alberta, The Granite globe floats in a basin of water.

14. As close as you want to get to an airplane.  Downtown San Jose, CA

15. Mammoet Demag CC2400 as the LATTA  AC500-2 working on wind farm

16. This is the DB General picking a Manitowoc 222 from a barge and setting in on the deck of the new Benicia Bridge in California. The General is a Clyde 52

17. M/S. Crown Lifters PVT LTD. – Tata 955 ALC-75MT crawler crane at work on platform on the Bandra Worli Sealink Project

18. Anderson Crane Hire in the Uk used a 50T Sany crawler in a bid to right the beached ferry The Riverdance. The roll on roll off Ferry was struck by a freak wave on its journey from Northern Ireland to Heysham port England leaving the 6,000T vessel beached.

19. Manitowoc 4000W crane is raised on temporary made up hill so as to make up for the short boom it had and complete the job. “Necessity is the mother of all invention”.

20. Cranes work a shutdown job in close quarters.

21. Four Crane lift, Consul SK. 100 ton Link belt, 75 ton Link belt, 75 ton Terex, 65 ton Grove

22. Pictures are of a Clyde 2000 Metric Ton Lift Crane from when I worked in the North Sea, Java Sea or Gulf of Mexico.

The main block only picture shows just the hook that had 12,500′ of 2″ cable, 42 parts of line. Block weighted 125,000 lbs and was 25′ tall, 9′ from one hook to hook with a lift capacity of 2200 tons. Pictures of setting a 4100 Manitowoc in the North Sea with boom attached in crane. The other 2 are 1200 ton lifts we set on top of the oil platforms. I have over 30 years experienced and have operated about ever crane you can think of and to date I have never had a crane bigger or more difficult to operate any where since

23. Olympic village site in Vancouver

24. Stillwater Water Tower

25. 2500 Ton Deep South Rigging Crane in action at a project in Garyville, LA lifting a reactor vessel into place.  This is the same crane in the Houston Refinery tragedy.

26. Budrovich Crane Rental’s Grove GMK6350-350 ton crane hoists a 131’ diameter filter dome at the MSD Lemay treatment facility for Goodwin Brothers construction.  The intricate 36 point pick allowed the 61,000# dome to be set at 100” radius in one piece.

27. 120 foot tall bleachers for Grey Cup game 14,000 seats

28. 110 Ton Liebherr lifting 115000 lb gate on TVA dam

29. A Manitowoc 4100W ringer crane dismantling a bridge with numerous cranes in the backround.

30. These are photo’s taken in the City of New Orleans, LA.  Our 120 ton crane setting a home for one of the City’s residents

31. Taken last summer while replacing some fermentation tanks

32. Photo of the completed main house and the Eaglewest 200 ton crane that lifted it into place. It’s taken from the guest house above.

33. Looking like immense visitors from another planet, a row of partically completed wind turbines is waiting for their blades to be lifted into place. The 102 megawatt Bear Mountain Wind Park was completed late last year near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. It was the province’s first.

34. This log home assembly in Greece was accomplished in part by an older Mercedes truck with one functioning outrigger set on top of freshly excavated earth, leaking hydraulics, worn cables, and a jerky operator that more or less rode the equipment in a similar fashion to riding a giraffe’s neck.

35. The photo was taken at 11.21.2008. The crane in the photo is called “Taisun” located at Yantai China which is the biggest and strongest in the world. “Taisun” has a Guinness world record–Heaviest weight lifted by crane. The photo records the first commercial lift of “Taisun”. In the picture “Taisun” carried a 14,000ton mammoth, which is the deckbox of a semi-submersible drill rig “COSL PIONEER”. Its bottom is 30m above the sea surface at the time.

36. This is a lift Eagle West is working on doing for the Transe Express theater troupe. The performance is called “Mobile Homme” and is scheduled to take place during the Olympic Games here in Vancouver.

37. 110 Ton Liebherr lifting a 115,000 lb gate on 170 feet tall TVA Cherokee Dam in East Tennessee

38. 60 and 90 meter ski jumps being built in Whistler BC for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

39. LJ Crane’s 2250 in Fenway Park. Disassembled, brought in through the outfield overhead door, reassembled, worked, and the reverse to get it out.

40. Crane on Brunner Island

41. 104,000 ton excavator being lifted from the deepest whole to date in Vancouver….60 ft

42. Picture of Myshak Crane & Rigging Ltd. LTM 1220 installing Air units at the Extended Care Facility in Red Deer Alberta.

43. Working on new house

44. Looking down from a 300ft tower at the Bear mountain wind farm in BC

45. Manitowoc 18000 at World Trade Center 11/09

46. Anthony Crane AC700 setting duct work at Brunner Island power plant

47. The return of BCER 1225 to Vancouver, B.C. BCER 1225 was built in 1912 and served the people of Vancouver, B.C. until 1958

48. The bow

49. CC2500 Kyger Creek power plant in Ohio. special frame work for crane

50. While building the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge in Boston, MA USA during the Big Dig they used two Cornell Tower cranes working on each tower simultaneously. There was also a ringer crane on a barge lifting beams into place from the water.

51. A Bragg Crane Service 888 Manitowoc working in the hot sun of Bakersfield, Ca.

52. BHP’s Angostura Production Platform being lifted in the Atlantic about 50 km east of northern Trinidad. Lift was 7500 tons without the accommodation module.

53. Photo taken from the deck of the Azamara Quest on January 29, 2010 by Jack Froese using a Nikon D90.


54. HOW DID WE GET THAT 150TON BEAM ACROSS THAT WATER! LIEBHERR LTM11200-9.1 and LTM1500-8.1 in Abu Dhabi.

55. Royal Crane Service working with a Modular Home Project.

56. P & H 4100 Shovel undergoing repairs to the rotating member between the Shovel House and the Car Body. The 160 Ton Boom Crane is used to attach the hoisting jacks to the house structure as well as assisting in the lift and a variety of other tasks throughout the job. The job will take a crew of about 15 maintenance personnel 2 weeks to complete. It’s not always the size of the crane that matters, it’s the size the job the crane is asked to do!

57. This picture shows the top section of a transmission tower being lifted so an additional section could be placed in the middle. There are 5 cranes shown; 1 for the top section of the tower, 3 for the transmission lines (1 for each set) and 1 lifting the new section into place. Location Surrey British Columbia

58. Two cranes working

59. CC 8800 Twin making its first lift….. a 900 metric ton unit

60. Vancouver waterfront, across from the Olympics Cauldron.

61. This crane is in China working with stone & webster engineering

62. This Palfinger PK 100002G knuckleboom crane seems to be setting a bathroom in the middle of the desert. In reality, it is being installed in a recreational area near the Imperial Sand Dunes in California.

63. Sun set northern Alberta.

64. R. Baker & Son All Industrial Service relocated the landmark Colgate clock, which was originally mounted on an eight-story manufacturing building built in 1924. Standing seventy feet high and fifty-four feet wide is the world’s largest working vertical face clock as noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. The clock was moved to its new location where it will continue to provide the Metropolitan area and Hudson River travelers with the time of day and an unforgettable site for years to come.

65. Crane expo

66. 16000 Manitowoc 197′ & 197′ power plant job getting ready to lift tube bundles

67. Eagle West helping out with a performance by Transe Express during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

68. Find a Liebherr LTM 1500, LTM 1400, Demag AC650, Grove GMK 5220 lifting the ship, and a MAN TGA 660 with a Scheuerle modular trayler moving it to the dock. Made at the port of Marin in Galicia by Gruas Doniz from Vigo.

69. Taken during the construction of the Rosemont Arena (before the collapse) near O’Hare Airport in Chicago

70. Ohio Edison is retrofitting the Sammis Power Plant on the Ohio River near Steubenville, Ohio to convert to clean coal. Arriving on the scene I was presented with this image of the many cranes in use, including two Manitowoc 21000 crawlers with attached Maxtor units supplied along with several smaller cranes by my client, All Erection and Crane Rental, of Cleveland, OH.

71. JCB LIFTALL – a Pick & Carry Compact Crane carrying 8T Sand Stone out of a mine in INDIA

72. 6 Towers cranes over the night sky line in South Florida.


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