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2010 Coolest Mobile Crane Photo Submissions

1. Eagle West and Stampede performing offloading and preassembly of an Enercon E 82 Wind Turbine in Dawson Creek British Columbia.

2. Grove 5160, 175 Ton, Water tower demolition project, southern Ohio

3. Manitowoc 18000 erecting 70 ton beams for the base of the Freedom Tower in NYC


4. Its a Link Belt HTC 8675, it was used to help assemble a Demag CC1800 with luffing jib


5. Taken from the Manitowoc crawler crane facility where they unveiled the 31000, the other 2 cranes are manitowoc 18000 (white) and a manitowoc 2250 which is holding the 31000 hook block


6. Grove GMK 5160 175 Ton Crane reaching for new heights.

7. Telescoping boom


8. Sunrise in Downtown Vancouver, B.C. Canada lifting a Cat 345 105,000 lb. excavator out of a completed 75 foot excavation with a narrow swing envelope between buildings & tower crane. Machine was directly lowered onto lowbed for transportation.

9. Crane working on wind turbine

10. Two cranes performing an aerial transfer on a 48,000 lbs section of a 120’, 106,488.3 lbs Faux Clock Tower. Bakersfield, California.

11. Hanging around a Liebherr 300 Ton Mobile Crane. Stampede Crane’s Stampede breakfast manbasket rides July 2008.

12. Stampede crane working on a wind turbine in Alberta

13. Liebherr 250-6 erecting walls on a warehouse. Surrey, BC

14. Harrison Crane and George’s Crane use a 140 ton P&H and two Demag all terrains to raise an 85K pound billboard to 135′.

15. Sky Line Net and Maxum Crane, Hasting Golf Centre Vancouver

16. Setting bridge columns for the Stoney Trail Ring Road, Calgary Alberta

17. Our JLG1000BT with full jib pulling a water well pump that is set on plastic pipe. Taken in Aggsiz, B.C.and the background is Mt. Cheam

18. Former LATTA Crane, TEREX/DEMAG AC500-2 ..set up at Shelbourne ,Ont,Canada ..on a wind farm

19. This is an awesome M/S. Crown Lifters PVT. LTD. – 8 axle gottwald AMK 200-83 working in India on an Enercon wind turbine site

20. A 250-ton Grove making a 238 ft. radius lift.

21. Flare stack work BP Canada Plant Empress AB. 75 Ton Terex.

22. Grove 5160 setting a cross in Northern Ohio

23. First Project in North America for the highly specialized Liebherr LR1400-2/W Narrow Track. Erected wind turbines on a mountain range. Northwest Crane Service L.L.C.

24. Looking down 285’ of luffing jib and boom on Budrovich Crane Rental’s Grove GMK7550-550 ton crane in downtown St. Louis while hoisting a new RTU onto the roof of The Equitable Building for Corrigan Company-Mechanical Contractor.

25. Setting drive gear for new chair lift at Nakiska Ski Hill,Alberta. The trip up the mountain was the toughest part of this job.

26. Replacing 8,000lb electric motor in chair lift at the top of the ski hill. the 40ton unit was driven up all the way with no assistance.

27. Allingham Crane using its Grove 6350 to do some work on a powerplant in Lansing, Mi.

28. Manitowoc 18000 being put together- notice the boom tip on the floor

29. A Tadano 200 ton crane lifting a hurricane resistant house in Port Bolivar, TX, replacing house destroyed by hurricane Ike

30. Liebherr LTM 1160/2 assisting in demo of old water tower.

31. High School students get some hands on crane experience as they attempt to put Santa down a chimney at the 2009 High School Career Expo.

32. Sunrise during an HVAC unit replacement job in Jersey City, NJ

33. The Bear Mountain Wind Park, near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, was nearing completion when this 120-foot long blade was lifted into place, one of 102 blades needed to complete British Columbia’s first commercial wind facility.

34. Setting cell tower in Virginia with 210 ton Grove

35. JCB LIFTALL – a Pick & Carry Compact Crane carrying 8T Sand Stone out of a mine in INDIA

36. We are lifting a 4100 Manitowoc with 160 ‘ boom, crane is completely assembled. The lifting crane is a Clyde 2000 Metric Ton Crane capacity with 350’ single piece main boom. Setting crane onto a North Sea Oil Jack up Drill Rig.

37. Niko van crane is a lightweight overhead crane that can be retro fitted into any type of van or lorry. Shown here for lifting calibration weights.

38. The Koenig K28 crane was set up on the south side of the Bow Valley in Canmore Alberta. The crane was building a home designed to be very energy efficient using Timber Frame and Structural Insulated Panels. The crane was onsite for about 4 months.

39. This is a picture of our 10T stiff boom crane re installing a 100hp submersible pump to 300′ ,White Rock ,BC

40. 60 and 90 meter ski jumps being built in Whistler BC for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

41. LJ Crane’s 2250 in Fenway Park. Disassembled, brought in through the outfield overhead door, reassembled, worked, and the reverse to get it out.

42. Log set up in Ohio. I day before a big snowstorm.

43. Installing the “W” Kit on our LIEBHERR LR1400 Crawler Crane

44. Best $ 26,000 I ever spent

45. One of the best mobile cranes i have seen and worked with. taken in Edmonton Alberta, thanks to Mammoet crane.

46. Large crane at the Bear mountain wind farm in BC

47. Jcrane’s Grove 5160 and Liebherr 1080/1 lifting a grain conveyor at an ethanol plant in west central Ohio.

48. Boulder Valley Crane’s 1800 & 1300 series National Cranes at the Champ Boat Races in Windsor CO. The Bud Light Tunnel Boat was one of the many entries that day.

49. Cranes at Empire Generating Co. LLC 5/09 Rensselaer NY

50. CC2800 being moved across runway at Boston, Mass.

51. This picture was taken at 4913 feet in Chetwynd BC on the Dokie north ridge. Installing a 176000 lb nacelle unit, It was about 30 below.there was so much frost on the boom that it looks white instead of yellow.

52. Dual crane lift of a sewer pump station at YVR Airport.

53. Chopped down GWIL Crane installing 13 – 50′ architectural columns at BCIT Aerospace in Richmond B.C. The crane had to be chopped down to stay under the airplane flight path at YVR airport.

54. I took this photo at an auction in Houston in 2009. Cranes are one of my favorite photo subjects: I love the size and sense of power they convey, and I love how the mirror captures the scene in miniature.

55. THE SUN IS SHINNING, THE SKY IS BLUE! What a perfect day to lift a 278ton vessel in ENOC Refinery Jebel Ali, Dubai with a LR1600/2.

56. Astro Crane 365-ton lifting a rooftop unit on Boston waterfront.

57. Liebherr 1300 working at the Shiloh windmill farms in Rio Vista

58. Manitowoc 3100 boom up undergoing testing. To give you an idea of the huge size that’s a manitowoc 2250 300 ton crane in the background.

59. Christmas tree at the State House

60. Room with a view – 300′ up in manbasket on our 300 Ton GMK6300B

61. Size doesn’t matter…… 2.5t spyder crane setting 20ft 1t beams on a 2nd floor mezzanine at height of about 15ft

62. The Palfinger PK150002 knuckle boom with jib may not be the biggest crane, but it can do what a lot of other cranes can’t. This 150 mt crane can get into tight areas yet folds up neatly behind the cab for easy transport.

63. The military had a small oops in Chilliwack, we came and rescued them.

64. This is Mr. Crane’s 100 Ton Liebherr Hydraulic crane the picture was taken by John Anderson Sr. as the crane was leaving the yard for a job at Disneyland. The pictures was taken looking through a load block on another crane.

65. Here is a 300 Ton M-250 Manitowoc with a set of leads bigger then the crane in New Haven CT

66. A Bragg GMK 5275 with 208’ main boom and a 95’ jib at a 40 degree offset setting A/C units at a 215’ radius in Northern California

67. J.J. Curran Crane’s 440 Ton Demag HC-1010 raised one of the largest American flags as a symbol of support for those affected by the September 11 tragedies.

68. I rigged this crane mobile when I was 26. A 150 ton Lorain truck crane is holding a 25 ton Werner Swasey truck crane that is holding a 20 ton Lorain truck crane.

69. CC1800 295′ boom super lift……..top of scrubber

70. Three Eagle West mobile cranes installing a bridge for a gas pipeline near Hope in British Columbia, Canada.

71. This is a Liebherr LTM 1400 resting for the night after a long’s day work in Florida.

72. Find a Liebherr LTM 1250-6.1 and a Grove GMK 5220 boarding a section of a wind generator into a ship in the port of Vigo, spain by the company Gruas Doniz

73. My client, All Erection and Crane Rental, was contracted to lift mobile phone gear onto a platform inside the shell of the distinctive Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The pick was scheduled for early evening, and I was hoping or a sunset look, but then it started raining, giving my shot that extra edge of coolness!


74. A tour sub is lowered into the lake.



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